Our Mission

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We will follow the golden rule treating others the way we want to be treated.  This means that regardless the size of the project we will perform with excellence in craftsmanship, attention to details, communication, professionalism and attitude.

“What’s hard for people in this business to remember is that houses used to be places to live and not an investment. What’s also important to remember is that houses used to be part of a community and the people you lived near and with informed your whole life. I think in the rush to build the flip a lot of people in the housing business forgot that and they were so busy building average houses for average people they forgot about the power they have to connect to people and make a difference.”
— Seth Godin

Our Values

  • Predictable Project Management
  • Concierge Service
  • Value Engineering
  • Creativity
  • Projects of all Sizes
  • Better Service Through Technology
  • Always "People" Centered
  • Construction Expertise
  • Evolved Processes
  • Clear Communication
  • Listening
  • Team Approach


Our Structure

For us the best projects are those that involve a team approach.  A typical scenario involves 3 important and independent groups, the Construction Group, the Architect Group and the Designer Group, which support the Client—we think of this as a 3-legged stool with the client as the seat.  The team approach utilizes the specialized talents and strengths of each group with each looking out for the interests of the client.  This also provides a "separation of powers" with built in checks and balances where despite—or perhaps because of—the inevitable competition between the Construction Group and the Design Group for ideas, budget and implementation methodologies; the client wins.

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 We utilize the Project Developer model of sales and project management.  While many companies employ a Salesperson an Estimator and a Project Manager thereby compartmentalizing the construction process and having the client either work with several decision makers or a representative for the other decision makers, we believe that offering our clients a highly competent Project Developer who is able to do all those jobs gives the greatest sense of continuity and best communication experience.

 Cornerstone prices the majority of our projects using fixed bid-pricing. For the consumer this pricing model offers the most security (and for the contractor the most risk). To successfully administer fixed bid contracts the client, the design team and the contractor must make all decisions up front. The contractor must compose a detailed estimate often requiring some destructive demo to investigate existing or suspicious conditions. Once done a fixed bid contract is a guarantee that the project will cost what the contract says it costs. The fixed bid will include a mark-up that covers overhead, contingencies and includes a profit.

Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.
— Vincent "Vince" Lombardi

Our Culture

We are a people centered company.  For us it is about creating an environment or culture where employees want to work, where partners (architects, designers, vendors and subcontractors) want to do business and clients feel appreciated and listened to.  We believe creating such a culture will payoff in big and small ways with goodwill that advertising dollars can not buy.

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For employees this means feeling like they are an important part of the company, their opinion matters and they are appreciated, high standards are made clear, accountability is expected and compensation is generous and performance based. 

For business to business partners it means treating them as equals, listening carefully to what they want and expect, following through on promises made and paying on time.  Leads from partners should be rewarded as well and loyalty shown to those who are loyal to us.

For clients it means providing consistently clear communication and listening carefully to their thoughts, priorities and ideas.  It’s going the extra mile and following through on commitments.  It means doing the right and safe thing for their home.  It’s about meeting expectations and going the extra mile for them. 

Many think businesses need to be tough and ruthless to gain a competitive advantage, we don’t. How you treat people comes back to you both personally and in business.
— Cornerstone Construction Group

Our Community

Cornerstone Construction Group is committed to making a positive difference in our community.  For us this begins with remembering that a small business’ true value is as a positive economic force.  That is the more successful we are the more jobs we provide and the more investment we make into our local economy.

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We also believe that we exist to make a difference in our clients lives by creating spaces and solving problems that ultimately make them happier and more satisfied improving their quality of life in big ways and small. 

But on top of all that we are both individually and corporately committed to helping those in our community and around the world.  Be it local food banks, homeless outreach, after school programs or orphanages in Africa and Mexico we all participate and give.  If you are interested in giving some of your time just ask us and we can point you to some worthy causes, maybe we could even volunteer together!