Higher Standards...

When we think of Cornerstone projects we aspire to be more than a typical remodeling company.  For us it's about creating environments in which our clients can share life and create memories and experiences, it’s about their home as a sanctuary not just an investment.  A place they want to come home to; a sort of escape from the outside world.  Remodeling should be a deeply personal expression of one’s inner vision for what makes a peaceful and fulfilling place to be.  

We believe that what we do makes a positive difference in our client’s lives giving them joy and a better quality of life.  But what sets us apart from other remodelers is our belief that all those good feelings should start with the remodeling process.  We want our clients to look back on the entire experience with fondness and affection so as they live in their space they think about Cornerstone Construction Group with those same feelings.

To me remodeling is more than “sticks and bricks” remodeling should be a deeply personal expression of ones” inner vision for what makes a peaceful and fulfilling place to be. I believe that what we do makes a positive difference in our clients loves giving them joy and a better quality of life.
— MaryAnn Sailors

Our Values Make Us Different...

First, is our “people first” business model. From the bookkeeper to the subcontractor, from the carpenter to the customer we will be known for fairness, consideration, and professionalism and being “good people”. Many think businesses need to be tough and ruthless to gain a competitive advantage, we don't. How you treat people comes back to you both personally and in business. Obviously, we will not put ourselves in a position to be walked on but in-so-far as it’s up to us we will create a win-win situation and foster an atmosphere of fun and congeniality.

Second, is our commitment to "doing the right thing" for our clients and their homes. We will do things right even if it creates tension between the customer or design partners and us. We will not cut corners and we won’t compromise quality or safety. Like being “good people” we believe "doing the right thing" comes back to you. Our reputation will be built on our work.

Third, is our attention to the client experience along the way. We want our service to be second to none. Whether big jobs or small we will emphasize a continuity of experience marked by excellence in communication, paperwork, predictability and project management. Every client should feel like they are getting the royal treatment when interacting with one of our people. And while we aren’t naïve enough to think we can make everyone happy all the time, we can strive for that ideal.

Fourth, we will make every effort to consistently do what we say. Whether that’s returning a phone call, delivering samples, providing an estimate or completing a project on time we will be known for following through on our promises.

artistic stacked wood crates

A Company You Can Trust...

We have created a truly "people centered" business model, which goes beyond the old, "client is always right" platitude to a sincere consideration of "what is best for the client and their home?”  This translates to caring about not just how the project looks when done (high quality craftsmanship goes without saying) but the process along the way, the positive memories and assurance that we have done the right thing not just in front of the walls but in the systems and what is in the walls.  We also believe that in so far as it is up to us everyone involved should feel good about the project AND the company from employees to vendors and subcontractors to the project team.  Oh, we think remodeling should be fun too!