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BIAW Excellence In Remodeling Award Winner!

BIAW Excellence In Remodeling Award Winner!

Attention to detail...

Building a beautiful project is only part of what we do.  We feel that the remodeling experience is also of great importance.  It starts with a concierge mentality, which is consistently reinforced throughout project development and ends with pride in a job well done and new friendships forged. 

Beautiful craftsmanship...  

Every Cornerstone project must meet both our very high standards... and yours!  Our field staff are craftsmen first and are expected to ensure quality control throughout every phase of construction. 

BIAW Excellence In Remodeling Award Winner!

BIAW Excellence In Remodeling Award Winner!

Highly organized...

We provide a project schedule and stick to it!   Job tracking, weekly meetings and timely communication are important to making sure your job stays on time and on budget.

Design & build on a budget...

We build beautiful projects no matter what the budget!  Value engineering is often the name of the game and we pride ourselves in giving our clients the look they want for the money they have to spend.


Large projects...

We can do projects of all sizes.  From concept and schematic design to permitting, from materials selections to final walk-through every detail is attended to and executed with careful efficiency.  We value collaboration and the team approach and work hard to assemble the best team possible for your project.  We partner with talented architects and designers to ensure both a good fit AND a diverse skill-set enabling us to tailor your project to your personality and taste.   

...or small

No matter what the size of your project - be it a $500 window replacement, a $100 drywall repair or a $5000 kitchen face-lift - our Home Services and Repair team is equipped to handle it.  We believe it is a privilege to be invited into your home and will ALWAYS treat you and your home with respect.


We believe our key to success is reasonably simple: treat others the way we would like to be treated, do what we say we are going to do, provide a quality product and a positive experience AND do it consistently better than anyone else in the marketplace.
— Joe Hopkins

If you would like to discuss a project or have any questions please call (425) 814-9588 or email at information@cornerstoneCG.org

Raves and Reviews

I hired Cornestone to completely remodel and update two bathrooms, one main bathroom and one in the master bedroom. They also replaced the existing handrail, and carpet with hardwood flooring in a set of stairs, and a small foyer area. 

Their staff came across as being very knowledgeable and experienced in this kind of work. I had met the project manager on a previous kitchen remodel project and decided to hire Cornerstone, where he is now one of the owners, based on that experience. 

Before starting they prepared a budget and adhered to it throughout the project. The staff was always helpful and willing to listen to my preferences or concerns. Their relationship with particular subcontractors was very helpful to insure a quality project. They worked with the subs until problems were corrected. We are happy with both bathrooms and have been using them for at at least two months.

~ Luis

"I've had Joe do two projects for me. At my last house, he did a complete gut renovation of my master bathroom. It came out so amazingly awesome that when I bought my new house, he was the only person I wanted to call. 

His team came out and built the most epic, beautiful and epic deck. It is so cool and better than I could have imagined.His carpenter, Pete, is a master craftsman and took great pride in his work. He built a ramp for my dog that has arthritis so my pup didn't have to walk up the stairs! And he didn't slap this ramp together, oh no, he built it with the same attention to detail as the human parts.

Oh and the foreman, Jim, was outstanding as well. Very polite, knowledgeable and actually gave me a great recommendation on a grill/smoker! What can't these guys do?

My current house was purchased knowing that it was a 'fixer-upper'. I plan on having Joe and Cornerstone Construction renovate the entire darn thing over the next few years. These guys are the best. From a small project to a gut-renovation, you really just need to call Joe. They take care of it all, get done on time and on budget. What more do you want?"

~ Sean Smith

"I have known Matt for nearly twenty years. He is a craftsman at heart and a man of character. I have had the pleasure of working with Matt in the past and I was always impressed by his attention to detail and professionalism. I offer my highest recommendation of Matt and Cornerstone Construction Group to anyone who needs professionals to do the job right, on time, and on budget."

~ Rob Gerdon

"I have work with Cornerstone Construction Group on numerous project. I am always intrigued with their level of quality, attention to detail, and professionalism. A great level effort is focus on completing the project on time and centered around the customer's life style/timing. All details of the project are clearly communicated to the customer. The are very knowledgeable in what they do. Whether, it be a simple bathroom upgrade or a full house remodel, you will not be disappointed in hiring Cornerstone Construction for the job. Would recommend them to anyone."

~ Vlad Nikolin