Key measurements to help you design a powder room...

Planning a new powder room location can be tricky especially if you'd like to take advantage of small or unusual spaces to add the extra bath.  This article by Houzz contributor Stevan Randel covers the do's and don'ts along with some code considerations of planning the space. 

Clearances, codes and coordination are critical in small spaces such as a powder room. Here’s what you should know.


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Why the process is important

"We believe our key to success is reasonably simple: treat others the way we would like to be treated, do what we say we are going to do, provide a quality product and a positive experience AND do it consistently better than anyone else in the marketplace."  

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CornerstoneCG a different remodeling company

For us it's about creating environments in which our clients can share life and create memories and experiences, it’s about their home as a sanctuary not just an investment. 

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What Apple and CornerstoneCG have in common

Love Apple or hate them, CEO Tim Cook knows his business and understands his market.  I was struck by Cooks comments about Apple's philosophy toward the smart phone market in this Businessweek article because it clearly reflects our own.  

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Leveraging technology in construction

 "Our clients are constantly plugged in and turned on both in their careers and at home.  They have come to appreciate and depend on the efficiencies and connectedness technology offers and undoubtedly expects a level technological awareness even in their contractor. "

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Serving Orphans in Mexico: Cornerstone CG Giving Back

From February 10-23rd (Northshore SD mid-winter break) Cornerstone partner Matt Hesselgrave traveled with a team of 6 adults and 6 teens to Guadalajara Mexico to work with an orphanage called Fundacion Emanuel.  Matt and the men spent most of the time doing construction and maintenance projects, while the teens spent time doing crafts, games and science lessons with the children.  "It was a fantastic trip and we went away knowing we'd made a difference." Matt and his group have done work in Mexico, Africa and Siberia in the past 3 years along with a host of local organizations.  But Guadalajara is particularly close to Matt's heart as he and his family have been there a total of 5 times during mid-winter and spring break. This year Matt was accompanied by his daughters Katie (15) and Maddy (14), both veterans.

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A new company with "seasoned" talent

Launching in the fall of 2013 Cornerstone Construction Group brings together seasoned talent with over of 50+ years of construction experience. Located in the beautiful lakefront community of Kirkland Washington Cornerstone services the Greater Seattle and Eastside. Cornerstone Construction Group, Inc. is a "C" corporation company, incorporated in the state of Nevada with ownership shared equally between the partners. 

Cornerstone was started by people who not only have remodeling in their blood as a result of growing up in construction families but share a passion for the relationships formed around the remodeling and building process. We believe relationships with vendors, tradespeople, designers, architects, employees and most importantly clients are the foundation of our company. Having worked collectively for a number great area builders we felt we wanted to create a truly "people first" business model. One that focuses on a common goal of having fun, creating a collaborative environment where everyone is heard and building projects reflecting our clients vision rather ours.