Why the process is important

In the remodeling business, like any other business, a company is only as good as the product it delivers and the experience the customer receives throughout the sales process.  But in remodeling, perhaps more so than any other business, the experience can be equally important.  For good or bad clients memories and impressions of their project will last as long as the work its self.  The question is will those memories be fond ones or ones they would like to forget. 

Because remodeling is a referral business pleasing our clients is of paramount importance as a referral is the least costly method for acquiring new customers.  We believe our key to success is reasonably simple: treat others the way we would like to be treated, do what we say we are going to do, provide a quality product and a positive experience AND do it consistently better than anyone else in the marketplace.      

Because of this we have focused on providing a fantastic customer experience from start to finish.  We believe that if we deliver an award winning and profitable project but the client isn't as happy with the remodeling relationship, we have failed.