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The Problem with Online Ratings

The trend of online reviews is here to stay--for good or bad.  A growing number consumers make many important purchasing decisions based on these ratings but one must ask, "can I trust them?"  This article gives many compelling reasons why consumers would be best served to take them with a grain of salt. 

2017 Cost vs. Value Report

Here is a link to Remodeling Magazine's Cost vs. Value Report, a tool which rates the return on investment for a given remodel project ranked by low, median and upscale.  It also breaks out the data based on region.  Although not always completely accurate, due to the fact that the data evaluation focuses on a mean average cost and not specific trend related value it is useful as a general rule of thumb especially for those whose primary concern when remodeling is short term payback and not improved lifestyle, a statement of personality or customization of space to meet particular need. 

What to Expect When You're Remodeling

Like everything in life remodeling has it's ups and downs.  This article outlines the realities of the remodeling process with humor... and insight. 

Remodel Shows Foster Unrealistic Expectations 

As a remodeler nothing gets my blood boiling like the unrealistic expectations set by the "reality shows" on HGTV... and I'm not the only one!  Jonathan Ward vents his frustrations calling such programs "remodeling porn" in this article from the Chicago Tribune.  

 The Psychology of Kindness in the Workplace

Scientific research shows treating employees and co-workers with kindness pays off!  Employing the "Golden Rule" helps business productivity and profit.


Serious, Informative and Funny Videos!


Red Green - The "Man Cave"

The "Man Cave" is a great remodeling trend and makes a creative statement of personality and a fun remodeling project.  If you are considering such a project watch this video for some great tips! 

Holmes on Homes - Do it Right!

Mike Holmes tells it like it is when it comes to no compromise on building standards.  While we are proud of our "customer first" approach, like Mike we won't compromise standards--even if the client insists. 

Holmes on Homes - Choosing Colors... this one is funny! 

Of all the aspects of designing a space clients are most uncomfortable with choosing colors.  This video demonstrates that many times contractors share that dilemma.  It is also a good argument for hiring an interior designer!

Home Improvement with Tim "the tool man" Taylor - Safety first? 

At Cornerstone we take safety seriously but sometimes accidents are funny as the "Tool Man"  demonstrates in this slapstick montage.